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About Trixie Tracker

What is Trixie Tracker?

Trixie Tracker is an easy-to-use web and mobile tool to help parents uncover and understand patterns in their baby's sleep and daily schedules. Trixie Tracker lets you create visually striking charts for...

  • Sleep schedules
  • Diaper changes
  • Bottle and breastfeeding
  • Solids
  • Pumping
  • Milk inventory
  • Medicine doses

How did Trixie Tracker Get Started?

Trixie Tracker was invented by stay-at-home-dad Ben MacNeill to so he could take better care of his new daughter. He knew there was a daily schedule and wanted to understand it, but it was too difficult to keep track of all the little baby care details.

That's where Trixie Tracker software comes in. It keeps track of the details for you and connects the dots in ways that reveal incredibly helpful patterns over time.

About Us

Trixie Telemetry, LLC is a small, passionate software company located in Chapel Hill, NC. It was founded by Ben MacNeill in 2004 to develop high-quality, easy-to-use mobile and web software to help parents understand their baby's patterns and rhythms.

Ben MacNeill blogged endless about parenting and baby sleep patterns as a new stay-at-home-dad. Trixie Tracker is based on the collection of charts, graphs and designs first seen on his blog, Trixie Update, in the Fall of 2003.

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