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Archive for June, 2005

Sleep Notes/Journal

Thursday, June 2nd, 2005

We have finally implemented Sleep notes. It’s a little different than the other telemetry notes. Instead of a note being associated with a specific sleep period, it’s associated with the whole day. I’m calling it the Sleep Journal, and it’s very similar in function to the Journal Entry on your Journal View page.

You write in your Sleep Journal by going to the Sleep Summary page. After you have written something, that text gets pulled into your Journal View and also shows up as a “pop-up” note on your sleep chart.

There are a couple of reasons (mostly technical) the Sleep Journal was implemented in this way instead of letting you attach a note to a specific nap or wake period. I also thought it might make sense from a narrative point of view to write about the whole day so that when you browse through your sleep history there will be more of a story. This is open for discussion. If you think it would be better to have individual notes per sleep event, let me know.