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Tracking Sleep for Toddlers

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

I was reminded recently that Trixie Tracker isn’t just for infants and babies. Tracking sleep patterns can help establish good nap and bedtimes schedules for toddlers too. Kara emailed me out of the blue to share how tracking food allergies and sleep for her 3 ½ year-old son yielded big returns:

I just wanted to write and say thank you for the Trixie Tracker. You are tremendously improving the quality of our lives. We have been tracking a little over a month I think and we have already seen huge improvements in our management of our son’s food allergies & intolerances along with his sleep. Tracking the food online is so much easier than the written journal I was trying to keep!

By tracking our son’s sleep I have now been able to see patterns I never would have seen otherwise. It was counterintuitive to me that we would sleep more in 24 hour period if I cut out his nap (he is 3 ½). We no longer have to drive him to sleep or lay with him for 2 hours at night trying to get him to sleep. He is now able to put himself to sleep at night.

By eliminating his nap, he is actually starting to sleep a full 11 hour night now (sleep has always been a problem since he was born) and has boosted his sleep time in a 24 hour period by about 1 ½ hours. He is happier and healthier. Thank you so much for the Trixie Tracker! I only wish I had started tracking earlier!

Transitioning a toddler away from a daytime nap can be a huge step because how do you know it’s really the right time? Trixie Tracker helped Kara make that decision and then showed her an increase of almost 90 minutes in overnight sleep as a result. Thanks for sharing your story Kara, and congrats on the 1 ½ hour sleep gain. That’s huge!

Family Story: Six Months of Tracking Baby Sleep

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Logan’s parents tracked their son’s sleep schedule from 1 month to 7 months old. They wrote about their experience on their blog and offered up a few reasons that they loved their tracker:

  • Allan could check from work how our day was going
  • I could see that the hard work put into sleep training was paying off; I needed all the motivation I could get!
  • Even though it only took a few minutes a day people thought was a supermom when they saw our site ;)
  • When Grandma and Grandpa babysat I could look at the last few days and say with great accuracy what to expect from sleep, feeding and diapers (‘He had a good nap this morning so he’ll likely take about an hour and a half nap around two, around 6:30 he’ll want to cuddle and might sleep for thirty minutes…’) Truly data driven parenting.
  • The first three months are fuzzy in my mind. It’s nice to look back and see that we made it through it!
  • I love analyzing data and this gave me a little project :)

These are all great reasons, but I’m particularly partial to the last one. Curiosity is what drove me to create Trixie Tracker, so I’m always thrilled to hear it is helping other parents satisfy their own curiosity.

You can discover amazing patterns in your child’s schedule if you simply observe. Become a parent scientist for a few days and see what you learn. It’s worth trying and it’s free!

How One Mom used Trixie Tracker to Help with her Baby's Sleep Schedule

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

I asked parents how Trixie Tracker had helped them. Jena, proud mother of four boys, wrote to let me know how Trixie Tracker gave her the information she needed when trying to address her son’s chronic sleep and napping problems. Here’s what she said:

Nico is my 4th son but the first one whose sleep was so out of whack. He slept 8hrs/night straight for the first 5 months but hardly napped and when he started napping, his night times went awful.

I started tracking him at 7 months using TT so I could see any patterns developing, see how much actual sleep he was getting, and have records to back up what I suspected. By 20 months, even my pedi had to agree that he was not getting an average amount of sleep and that it was time to start delving deeper into things and we were referred to a developmental pedi. After talking to him and a behaviorist pedi, we were finally referred to a sleep specialist neurologist. I was able to show him our records for months so he could see the patterns (or in our case, the lack of them) and how long it would take to put him down at night.

He was able to see what our problems were and see that we really had done everything behaviorally that we could do and recommended putting our son on melatonin. With that, his average sleep has gone from 9hrs/day to almost 10½hrs/day but none of that would have been nearly as easy to get done if I hadn’t had all the records right at my fingertips to show the doctors at every step of the way. My son is much happier now that he gets more sleep and we are as well.

I really can’t imagine trying to have kept a sleep log on my own to be able to show the doctors what we were dealing with so TT has definitely been, if not a life saver, a sanity saver for me.

Parents almost always know when something is a little off with their babies, but sometimes it’s hard to for them to put their finger on it. That’s where Trixie Tracker really shines. It connects the dots and shows you the patterns because it’s impossible to keep all that information in your head – especially if you are sleep deprived.

I’m glad Trixie Tracker was able to back-up Jena’s parental instincts so she could help her son and get her whole family back on a good sleep schedule. Jena, thanks so much for sharing your story.