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You Will Love Discovering Your Baby’s Hidden Schedule

Rich, informative charts and striking visualizations provide insight to your amazing baby’s needs and daily rhythms. Share your site online so that parents, family, nannies and caregivers can stay connected with each other. Scroll through our baby tracker tour and learn how to make your life easier.

Sleep schedules

Baby tracker tour: Baby sleep patterns

What does a sleep chart look like for a newborn? How about at 6 months? 12 months? Use Trixie Tracker and find out. Good sleep schedules are incredibly important for both babies and the rest of the family. Discover your baby’s hidden patterns and get on a good schedule today.

Diaper changes

Baby tracker tour: diapers

Knowing your child’s diaper schedule can save you time, money and stress because it’s not always easy to remember if you changed a diaper 20 minutes or two hours ago.


Baby tracker tour: bottles

The Bottle Tracker helps you get a handle on the day’s feeding schedule. And you can take comfort in knowing your baby is getting enough eat.

Did you know that breast milk and formula are only good for about an hour once served? Trixie Tracker can tell you when a bottle expires so you don’t have to worry.


Baby tracker tour: pantry with first foods for your baby

The Solids Tracker is great for recording the introduction of new foods or making snack menus. Trixie Tracker automatically creates a timeline of every food you add — from first contact to last time you gave it. If you have a question about an individual food exposure, you’ve got the complete history available for review.


Baby tracker tour: nursing

Track your breastfeeding activity with daily summaries and averages that let you spot feeding trends and anomalies.

Pumping & Milk Inventory

Baby tracker tour: pumping

Every pumping mom knows how much time and effort it takes to pump. Trixie Tracker is designed to keep a record of that hard work and help you manage your milk inventory so that nothing is wasted.

Medicine doses

Baby tracker tour: medicine

Every parent knows how scary and stressful it can be when your child is sick. If you are giving medicine to your child, Trixie Tracker can help out by keeping a record of what, when and how much.

Additional Features

  • Tracking for three children
  • Accounts for five additional users
  • Site Sharing – public and private
  • Printable summaries for doctor’s visits
  • Journal View – a view of all daily activity
  • See what’s normal – browse sleep charts from other Trixie Tracker babies

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