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Bottle Tracking

When it comes to bottle feeding, Trixie Tracker makes it easy and fun to monitor how much your child is drinking each day.

Six Ways the Bottle Tracker Helps Your Baby:

  • Keep track of when the open bottle expires
  • Prevent mix-ups by marking your bottle's color
  • Track a bottle's contents - breastmilk, formula, milk
  • Manage the transition from breast milk or formula
  • Use ounces (oz) or milliliters (mL) — and switch units at any time
  • Take comfort in knowing your baby is getting enough eat

Trixie Tracker is flexible; you can record bottles as you make them, or you can input the information at the end of the day.

Bottles in the last 24 hours See all Bottles for the last 24 hours

Either way you'll get daily summaries and averages that let you spot feeding trends and anomalies.

As a real-time tool, the Bottle Tracker helps manage the day's schedule. Set a default expiration time, and Trixie Tracker will tell you how long until a bottle expires. You'll also see if you child is ahead or behind their daily average for the current time of day.

A daily bottle summary The Bottle summary on your home page.

You can also label the contents of a bottle. If you are sticking with breast milk or one kind of formula, you can create a Bottle Contents default setting and forget about it.

However, if you are trying different types of formula, you can use Bottle Contents to track your child's reaction to each type.

When you label a bottle's contents, you'll be given the option to indicate the ratio of the contents. This Ratio Tool is designed to help guide you through transitions — for example, the move from breast milk or formula to cow's milk. You can start introducing cow's milk at a 10% ratio and increase it over time. This will help make a smooth transition for your baby.

Trixie Tracker does more than just bottles... it provides real information and charts to help new parents make better decisions

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