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When was the last diaper change? When was the last poopy diaper? These questions are crucial when caring for a newborn. When you know the answer, everyone feels better.

Four Ways Diaper Tracking Makes Your Life Easier:

  • Know the time of the last poopy diaper (and know when it’s time to give prunes).
  • Keep track of leaks and accidents. Figure out why and when accidents happen.
  • Estimate diaper usage so you’ll know when it’s time to buy more.
  • Encourage potty training because you are aware of the schedule.

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Full diaper chart
The full diaper chart displays all diaper changes on a 24-hour scale so you can see patterns.

Knowing your child’s diaper schedule can save you time, money and stress. For example, before running errands check your daily record and see if you should expect to change a diaper before you leave the house. (Of course, we always recommend taking a diaper bag, but hopefully you won’t have to use it as often.)

A daily diaper summary
The diaper summary on your home page

An optional feature is recording leaks and accidents. Trixie Tracker automatically keeps track of your best record (the longest leak-free period) and gives you a diaper changing goal. It doesn’t make diaper changing any less messy, but it can be more fun as you try to set a new leak-free “high score.”

Trixie Tracker also keeps a running total of all diapers. Shock and amaze your friends and family as you hit triple and quadruple digits. Our system is built to handle 5 digits, but we really hope it doesn’t come to that. Good luck with the potty training!

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