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Medicine Tracking

Every parent knows how scary and stressful it can be when your child is sick. If you are giving medicine to your child, Trixie Tracker can help out by keeping a record of what, when and how much.

Five Ways the Medicine Tracker Helps You Care for Your Baby:

  • Customize your medicine cabinet and keep a history of medicines given
  • Record single medicine doses given as-needed (Tylenol)
  • Set up prescriptions with a fixed number of doses or days (Amoxicillin for ear infections)
  • Set up prescriptions with an open-ended number of doses and are given until no longer needed (Zantac for reflux)
  • Record skipped doses

More benefits of the Medicine Tracker:

  • Have a complete record of all medicines you have given your child.
  • All doses are recorded on your calendar. Look up any month and see what happened on a specific day.
  • Look up any prescription. See the date and if all the doses were given.

Set up your Medicine Cabinet

Setting up prescriptions is easy. Trixie Tracker carefully steps you through the process that translates a written Rx into scheduled doses on a calendar. Trixie Tracker allows you to set up and schedule fixed dose and open-ended prescriptions.

You’ll also be able to easily see at a glance, for example, how many prescriptions your child has had over the last 12 months, or simply when the last dose of Tylenol was.

Nursing in the last 24 hours
Your prescription history lets you look up the details of any on-going or completed prescriptions.

Don’t Keep Scraps of Paper

Keep a calendar instead. Look up any month and get a summary of all medicine given — including skipped doses.

Trixie Tracker provides real information and charts to help new parents make better decisions

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