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Breastfeeding Log & Tracker

Need help figuring out your breastfeeding schedule? Trixie Tracker lets you create your own online breastfeeding log. Our dynamically-created charts help you easily spot feeding trends and be aware of possible problems.

Breastfeeding in the last 24 hours Breastfeeding in the last 24 hours

The easy-to-use Nursing Tracker lets you record a nursing session with just one click. The data is automatically calculated, crunched and plotted on a 24-hour chart so you can see patterns in your schedule.

A daily breastfeeding summary

Then you can share your schedule online with anyone or can print out summaries to take to the pediatrician or lactation consultant.

You can track 'Starting sides' in order to alternate side with each nursing session.

If you are also feeding your baby by bottle, you can use Trixie Tracker to log Bottles. We'll automatically create a daily chart so you can see each time your child is eating.

If you are breastfeeding and pumping, we've got you covered there too. Trixie Tracker has an amazing Pumping and milk inventory sytem that really helps you manage and protect your precious milk.

Trixie Tracker does more than just track breastfeeding... it provides real information to help new parents make better caregiving decisions

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