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Pumping & Milk Tracking

We know that pumping is hard work and breast milk is precious and perishable. Create an online pumping log to track your schedule and manage your milk with our virtual milk inventory so that nothing is wasted.

Here's Why Tracking Will Make You Smile:

  • You'll understand your milk production and pumping schedule
  • Tag and track your pumped milk as virtual inventory
  • With milk inventory, you can see exactly what's in your fridge and freezer, and how old it is — without ever setting foot in the kitchen.
  • If you're using Bottle Tracking, your inventory will show up on the 'Add Bottle' form, and you can track the complete milk cycle.
  • Use ounces (oz) or milliliters (mL) — and switch units at any time

Milk inventory Inventory shows you exactly what's in your fridge and freezer. The oldest milk is always listed first.

You can use the Pumping Tracker just to track your pumping schedule. However, if you choose to let Trixie Tracker keep inventory, some pretty cool things can happen:

  • Just glance at your Inventory page and get an immediate summary of the total volume of milk in your fridge and freezer.
  • Did you have spicy Thai food or a glass of wine one evening before you pumped? Add a comment to that pumping session. Notes are automatically linked to your inventory.
  • If you pump all the time and don't have production worries, you may just want to track one session every couple of days as an audit. It will give you a very precise figure for the milk turnaround in the fridge or freezer.
  • If you store extra milk in the freezer on an irregular basis, tag it and forget about it. You will always know exactly how old each container is, and which container you should pull out first.

Milk inventory Click on any container # to see a complete history

Moms know that pumping is no fun. But if you're going to do it, Trixie Tracker makes managing the process more convenient.

Trixie Tracker does more than just pumping... it provides real information to help new parents make better caregiving decisions

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