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Solids Tracking & Food Journal

When your child is ready to start solid foods, Trixie Tracker can help you keep track of the progress.

The Solids Tracker is very good for tracking the introduction of new foods. When you start solids, you'll only have an item or two (for example, rice cereal) in your pantry. Over time your pantry will grow as you introduce more and more foods.

Solids summary Add new foods to your pantry as they are introduced

Don't want to keep track of every food every time you give it? No problem. You can simply use Trixie Tracker to monitor new foods (so you can watch out for allergies). Once you decide a food is ok, you can take it off your pantry list so that you can focus on new items.

Solids summary The Solids summary on your home page.

If you do record all meals, then you can use summaries from past days to help plan meals and maintain variety.

If your child has a negative reaction following a meal, you can flag the meal and review it later. You can then decide whether to try the food again soon, or try it at some point in the future. Either way, you'll have a record of the last exposure.

Trixie Tracker automatically creates a timeline of every food you add — from first contact to last time you gave it. If you have a question about an individual food exposure, you've got the complete history available for review.

Trixie Tracker does more than just track foods... it provides real information and charts to help new parents make better decisions

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