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Day/night switch on Full Sleep chart

There’s a new link on the Full Sleep chart that lets you toggle back and forth between the daytime view and the overnight view. All it’s really doing is shifting the position of your data by 18 hours. The daytime view (the normal view) runs from midnight to midnight (00:00-23:59). The overnight view runs from 6pm to 6pm of the following day (18:00-18:00). This allows you to look at your overnight sleep as a visually unbroken span.

This new overnight view may be preferable to some users, but I want to point out that TT still bases all its calculations on calendar days (except of course for the overnight sleep time calculation). The reason I mention that TT uses calendar days is because the overnight calculation spans two calendar days. If *either* calendar day is marked as ‘ignore’, then TT can not calculate an overnight sleep time.

Day/night toggle

What this means is that one ‘ignored’ day in the daytime view shows up as two ignored days on the overnight view. Two consecutive ignored days in the daytime view shows up three consecutive ignored days in the overnight view and so forth. Basically, if you use the ‘ignore’ feature you will always have more ignored days in the night view than the daytime view.

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