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Sleep Tracking with Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving Time transitions will result in your main charts appearing to be an hour off. This issue only relates to the display of your charts, and it doesn’t affect your underlying data. Here’s a few notes to help you through the weekend.

Daylight Saving Time Summary

  • Trixie Tracker will handle the time change automatically. You don’t need to do anything.
  • Your charts will be off until Monday. There’s no graceful way to map 23 hours or 25 hours to a 24-hour time scale. It’s like trying to park an 11-foot car in a 10-foot garage.
  • The Sunday chart will continue to be shifted by an hour

Falling Back

In the fall, it’s extremely difficult to tell software which 1:50 am you are talking about when there are two times that exactly match that description. To avoid this problem, please record events in real-time during the transition hour (and avoid editing them afterwards).

Springing Forward

In the spring, the transition is easier. Recording real time events shouldn’t be affected because we skipping ahead, and the times never overlap.

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