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Sleep Scatterplot

Sleep patterns of a 7-month old

The scatter plot shows a distribution of sleep and awake entries. It’s very good at showing patterns that aren’t evident in the regular day-to-day sleep chart.

Scatterplot with vertical trend

30 days of sleep data

The chart shows 30 days of data, which are divided into three color groups. Plots in the most recent 10 days are solid. Plots in the middle 10 days are faded a little bit, and the oldest plots are faded even more. This lets you compare recent patterns to older patterns on the same chart.

Consistency in duration of nap

Horizontal patterns in your chart indicate consistency in the length of a nap (or awake entry).

Consistency in time of day

Vertical patterns indicate consistency in the schedule of naps (or awake entries). The example below contains a vertical column of plots around 8:00pm. This indicates a very successful, consistent 8:00pm bedtime. It also shows that the child usually sleeps through the night — but not always.

Clusters of naps

‘Clumped’ patterns indicate consistency in the schedule and length of naps (or awake entries).

First seen on the Trixie Update

This chart is modeled after a sleep analysis story posted on The Trixie Update a while back.

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