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Track breast milk with pumping inventory

You can now track breast milk with virtual inventory. There’s a new addition to the “Add Pumping” form that allows you to assign milk to a container with just one extra click. Then, instead of writing the date and time on the storage bottle/bag, you write the TT inventory #.

Do you know how much breast milk you have?

Track breast milk inventory

Track breast milk and you’ll know exactly what’s in your fridge and freezer

Bottles in fridge with TT inventory #'s

Fridge detail

Benefits of tracking breast milk

Adding inventory numbers is totally optional, but it requires so little effort that I would recommend trying it at least once or twice. And if you choose to let TT keep inventory and track breast milk, some pretty cool things can happen:

  • Just glance at your Inventory page and get an immediate summary of the total volume of milk in your fridge and freezer.
  • Did you have spicy Thai food and a beer one evening before you pumped? Add a comment to that pumping session. Inventory will automatically grab any associated pumping notes and link it to the correct container.
  • If you pump all the time and don’t have production worries, you may just want to track one session every couple of days as an audit. It will give you a very precise figure for the milk turnaround in the fridge or freezer.
  • If you store extra milk in the freezer, tag it and forget about it. One glance at your inventory page will tell exactly how old each container is, and which container you should pull out first.

More about milk

Btw, I’d like to recommend Milk Week on the Trixie Update if you haven’t seen it yet. I had a fun time putting that series together.

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