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New Mobile Trixie Tracker Optimized for iPhone and Android

The latest version of Trixie Tracker baby tracking software has been completely rebuilt and optimized for a fast, easy-to-use mobile experience. The new Trixie Tracker looks great and works well on iPhone, Android, iPad and tablets.. Matter of fact, it looks great on any modern mobile device, so try it out for free.

Trixie Tracker Mobile has always had a simpler, streamlined screen for entering data, but you can now view all the powerful visualizations that are available in the desktop version. It’s fun to see your full sleep charts and sleep probability charts right in the palm of your hand.

And because Trixie Tracker is a web application, you can view your charts and records simultaneously from multiple phones. That means you and your spouse (or caregiver or grandparents) can all peek in to check when the baby is sleeping.

You can’t do that with standalone native apps where your data is locked up in a single phone. In a nutshell, Trixie Tracker is designed for sharing. We hope you like the new Mobile Trixie Tracker.

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Trixie Tracker gives you a deep understanding of your baby's daily schedule.

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