Trixie Tracker

Subscription Type: Premium Trial, Basic, Premium

The Subscription Type determines what features are available for an individual Trixie Tracker Site.

Definition of Terms

  • Premium Trial All features are enabled during the free two-week trial. After the two weeks is up, the site downgrades to Trixie Tracker Basic. All sites start with a Premium trial.
  • Trixie Tracker Basic – Trixie Tracker Basic is our completely free diaper tracker. All other trackers and sharing are disabled. Only users with “Full Site Permissions” have access to the site, and they may view and edit all existing records (diapers, sleep, bottles, etc). To enable all trackers plus sharing, you’ll need to upgrade to Trixie Tracker Premium.
  • Trixie Tracker Premium – All features, tracking and sharing are enabled

Trixie Tracker gives you a deep understanding of your baby's daily schedule.

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