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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version of Trixie Tracker?

Yes. Trixie Tracker Basic is our completely free diaper tracker. To track other activity, you’ll need to upgrade to a Premium subscription.

What does Trixie Tracker do?

Trixie Tracker makes life easier for new parents. After tracking for a few days, you’ll begin to better understand your baby’s daily patterns and needs. And because Trixie Tracker creates rich, informative charts and striking visual summaries, you’ll want to share your site online with family and friends. Please see our complete feature list at the bottom of the pricing page.

Do parents really have time to do this?

Absolutely. In fact, Trixie Tracker saves you time once you discover your baby’s sleep patterns and other daily activity. Parents love Trixie Tracker. Please see what they are saying about Trixie Tracker.

Tracking only takes a few minutes a day. The key is that these little pieces of data add up over time. Stick with it for a few weeks and before you know it, you’ll have an amazing chart that highlights your child’s sleep patterns. When you have real data to look at, you can make better decisions about your child’s sleep habits.

What are the benefits to keeping such detailed records?

There are a lot of different reasons why you might want to use Trixie Tracker depending on your situation:

  • If you stay at home with your child, Trixie Tracker helps you keep track of patterns in your child’s world. For me, I tracked her bottle feeding to make sure Trixie was drinking enough milk each day and tracked her sleep patterns to know when I can take a shower or have some personal time. It gave me peace of mind.
  • If you don’t get to stay home with your child, Trixie Tracker lets you check in to see how your baby is doing. Trixie Tracker let my wife at work feel connected to our daughter’s new, ever-changing schedule. It might seem silly, but it was very comforting to her to see if Trixie was feeding enough or taking a good nap.
  • Don’t wake a sleeping baby! Share your site with family and friends. Your subscription will pay for itself the first time your mother-in-law checks Trixie Tracker before she calls and wakes the baby up from a nap.

Who should use Trixie Tracker?

Trixie Tracker is great for all these situations:

  • Coordinating care for twins and multiples
  • Closely monitoring premature babies (preemies)
  • Overcoming difficult baby sleep problems
  • Pumping moms who want to keep track of pumped milk
  • Maintaining good nap and bedtime schedules for toddlers
  • Communicating with nannies and other caregivers
  • Working spouses who want to be connected to their new baby

How much time does it take to use Trixie Tracker?

Recording data only takes a few minutes a day. It’s not a big investment, but the return can be extremely interesting and revealing.

I can’t find Trixie Tracker in the Apple iPhone App store or on iTunes.

The Trixie Tracker iPhone app is an iPhone-optimized version of our web application, and that’s why it doesn’t show up in the App Store or in iTunes. After you create an account, visit your site with your iPhone/iPod (or any mobile device) and you will get the optimized view. You will still need an internet connection to use the site.

Can I share my Trixie Tracker Site?

Yes. Trixie Tracker allows several different types of sharing: Learn more about Site Sharing

What happens when my free trial or subscription expires?

When your Premium trial or Subscription ends, your site automatically switches to Trixie Tracker Basic. All existing records (diapers, sleep, bottles, etc.) can be viewed and edited.

Is my data still there? I used Trixie Tracker three years ago with my first baby. I just had my second child and I want to track again.

Yes, all your records are still there. Just sign in and you’re good to go.

Can I export my data?

Yes, you can export your data in CSV format.

Is there any way to import data?

No, there’s no way to import external data at the current time. This is something that we will probably add in the future, but no timetable exists yet.

What kind of software is Trixie Tracker?

Trixie Tracker is a web application. It requires a browser (mobile or desktop) and an internet connection.

Trixie Tracker provides real information and charts to help new parents make better decisions

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